Vardan Devrikyan: Armenia needs reforms, not change of power

Alisa Gevorgyan

Literary critic Vardan Devrikyan and sculptor Levon Tokmajyan analyzed the political picture in the country ahead of the presidential elections. The two agree that the opposition is completely inept; therefore they see no competitive opposition candidate.

Devrikyan says the change of power is not a must for implementing necessary changes in the country. “We need reform, not change of power,” he said.

The comparisons with the Georgian and American elections have raised jealousy in the soul of Levon Tokmajyan; their democratic shape and content have tempted the sculptor. The latter blames the opposition for the lack of such elections in Armenia.

Levon Tokmajyan stands for balance. He sees the salvation of Armenia is in the continuation of reforms, not abrupt changes in the ruling elite.

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