Ex-Ambassador predicts either great achievements or heavy losses in the coming years

Anna Nazaryan

Head of the “Modus Vivendi” center Ara Papyan stands for normalization of Armenian Turkish relations, but opposes the protocols.

He says the coming years are going to be fatal for Armenia. The issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide will be actively discussed on its 100th anniversary. “Even if not many countries recognize the fact of genocide, many will at least accept the fact of ethnic cleansing,” the ex-Ambassador of Armenia to Canada said.

The coming years will mark a turning point:  we’ll either register great achievement or heavy losses, Papyan said.

He noted that developments on the Karabakh issue should be expected sooner, as Baku will demonstrate hastiness because of decreased oil reserves.

“The oil reserves will gradually reduce in 2013-2014 and Azerbaijan will become nothing for the superpowers,” he said.

Ara Papyan attached importance to the unification with Talish, Avar and Lezgi minorities ofAzerbaijan.

Azerbaijan intentionally sends Talishs to the line of contact, and the latter have started protesting against this. Representatives of the national minorities do not want to go to the line of contact, to protect the borders of Azerbaijan, especially considering that they have no reason to fight against Armenians.

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