UN Corner launched at the Armenian State Pedagogical University

Today UN Corner was launched at the Armenian State Pedagogical University, and students, university professors and journalists learned more about the use and importance of the Spanish Language at the UN during the observation of the Spanish Language Day in Armenia.

The events were organized by the UN Department of Public Information jointly with the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

More than 1000 UN publications and multimedia materials which were provided by the UN for the UN Corner will serve to further educate youth on UN values and UN functioning. The professors and students of the university will also use the UN Corner to organize UN-related cultural and educational events.

The UN Corner was opened in accordance with a Plan for Cooperation between UN Department of Public Information and the Armenian State Pedagogical University, which was signed at the ceremony.

“We highly appreciate our cooperation and are happy to implement joint activities, which allow youth to be involved in the UN work and to provide their contribution to the sustainable development and Armenian’s achievement of the Millennium Development Goals”, said Ara Eremyan, the vice-rector of the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

During the Spanish Language Day at the UN event the audience enjoyed some Hispanic dances, flamenco and spiritual music. The students from the Yerevan State Pedagogical University made presentations on: “Spanish Language in the World and in Armenia”. In the meantime, a number of UN publications were distributed to the students and professors of the University from the Bibliobus of the National Library.

The UN Department of Public Information Representative in Armenia, Maria Dotsenko said: “It is important that Armenians learn Spanish, which helps them to open the borders to the diversity of Hispanic culture and to be citizens of the world. We live in a multilingual world where the languages we speak, read or write affect the way we think and act, and help to better understand how crucial the multilingualism of the UN is for the implementation of its complex agenda: promotion of peace, diversity, cross-cultural dialogue and partnerships towards better human development”.

Ambassador of Argentina, Diego Ernesto Alvarez Rivera, spoke about contribution of the Spanish Language to the promotion of UN agenda and encouraged youth to further study it.

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