Tigran Sargsyan: Government sees advanced research and scientific progress as a priority

Prime Minster Tigran Sargsyan attended the opening of the “Education and Science inArmenia” conference hosted by the Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF).

Welcoming the participants, the Prime Minister said: “Throughout its 24-year-long history, the Armenian Relief Fund of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America has implemented numerous programs and activities to promote our national identity, support the homeland, and meet the needs of the Armenian people. As early as in 2000, under the Fund’s auspices and at the initiative of famous astrophysicist Yervant Terzian and several U.S.-based Armenian scientists, the National Science and Education Fund of Armenia was founded which has since carried out an ever-growing number of different programs, including support for domestic research and education. The Fund’s active participation in scientific programs earned it the reputation of supporter and sponsor.”

According to the Prime Minister, the Fund has been instrumental in promoting education and science, raising the quality of education and scientific thought to a new level, preventing researchers from leaving homeland. It has also gone a long way toward backing both young and senior scientists in Armenia.

“During the past 12 years, the bidders for National Science Foundation-launched tenders have been growing in number, adding credit to the Fund itself, which has managed numerous achievements over the past few years of activity, winning words of praise and appreciation on the part of internationally recognized leading scholars,” the Prime Minister noticed.

The head of government said this conference is a unique bridge of collaboration between domestic and Diaspora-based researchers and scholars.

Highly appreciative of learned individuals and prioritizing the building of a knowledge-based economy, the Government of Armenia sees harmonious development and progress in this field as a priority and, in this context, welcomes the holding of forums like this.

Tigran Sargsyan believes that the conference will stimulate the Fund’s efforts, promote scientific and educational cooperation that may lead to successful joint efforts in future.

The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the joint efforts of Armeniaand the Diaspora will enhance the competitiveness and the overall image of Armenian science and education up to modern standards with ever new achievements.

Wrapping up his speech, the Prime Minster wished every success and active collaboration to ANSEF representatives and members, as well as productive work to conference participants.

198 research proposals were submitted to the ANSEF Scientific Board in 2012, 51 of which were credited as excellent. 25 proposals have been awarded the first prize. 12 of group monitors are young researchers under 35l. During the past 12 years of existence, 281 research groups involving some 1000 researchers have been awarded under the program. The program’s grant amount is USD 405 thousand.

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