The world should know what’s happening: Sen. Peters visits entrance to Lachin corridor

I’m, very concerned about what’s happening in Nagorno Karabakh now, US Senator Gary Peters told reporters as he visited the entrance to the Lachin corridor, where trucks with humanitarian aid from Armenia and France have been stranded for months now.

“People are really fearful of what could happen there. I think the world needs to know what’s happening,” the Senator said.

“We hear from the Azerbaijani government there is nothing to see, nothing to worry about,” he said, adding that international observers should be allowed to see exactly what’s happening.

“I’ve talked to many people, they are very concerned about their loved ones, families. They have been suffering as a result of the blockade over many months, shortages of food, medical supplies, basic necessities, gasoline and petrol. It’s a dire situation from what I have heard, and I’m very concerned, and I’ll certainly take it back to my colleagues in US Senate,” the Senator said.

Gary Peters added that’s it’s necessary to push to get international observers to get there and see exactly what’s happening and to make sure that the people of Nagorno Karabakh are treated with dignity, respect, and their rights are preserved.

“We’re going to continue to push for that,” he pledged.

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