Voters in Yerevan heading to polls to elect City Council

Voters in Yerevan are heading to polls to elect the City Council.

All 475 polling stations are open from 08:00.

14 political forces – 13 parties and one alliance of parties – are running in the election.

  • Public Voice Party,
  • Civil Contract Party,
  • Fair Armenia Party,
  • Victory Party
  • Strength of the Homeland Party,
  • European Party of Armenia
  • National Progress Party,
  • For Social Justice Party,
  • Republic Party,
  • United Armenia Party,
  • Bright Armenia Party,
  • Democratic Consolidation Party,
  • Country of Living Party,
  • Alliance of Mother Armenia, Yerkir Tsirani and Intellectual Armenia Parties

The entire process of voting and vote count will be livestreamef from all 475 polling stations.

A total of 824,250 people in Yerevan ate eligible to vote.

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