Flemish Parliament panel adopts resolution calling for immediate opening of Lachin corridor

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Flemish Parliament of Belgium adopted a resolution, calling for the immediate opening of the Lachin Corridor which has been blocked by Azerbaijan and for the withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from the sovereign territory of Armenia. 

The Lachin Corridor, a vital lifeline connecting Artsakh with the Republic of Armenia, has been subject to a blockade by Azerbaijan. This blockade has caused a humanitarian crisis for the native Armenian population and hindered their access to essential supplies, humanitarian aid, and economic opportunities. The Flemish Parliament recognizes the urgency of this issue and urges Azerbaijan to immediately lift the blockade, ensuring the free flow of goods, services, and individuals through the corridor.

Furthermore, the resolution highlights the need for the immediate withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from the sovereign territory of Armenia. It emphasizes that the presence of foreign military forces within a sovereign nation’s borders is a violation of international law and undermines the principles of sovereignty. The resolution urges the EU to call on Azerbaijan to end its hostile policy against the Armenian people and ensure the rights and security of the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh which is facing a threat of genocide.

The initiator of the resolution, member of the Flemish Parliament Allessia Claes from the party N-VA commented:

“I am very pleased that the Committee on Foreign Policy of the Flemish Parliament approved our resolution on the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, including the closure of the Lachin corridor and the humanitarian situation. We stand united in condemning the ongoing war and calling on all parties to move ahead in fruitful discussions towards a lasting peace.”

Karl Vanlouwe, a member of the Parliament from the NVA and co-signer of the resolution stated: 

“This resolution is the result of many conversations with the Armenian community and a hearing with Flemish journalist Jens De Ryck that we hosted last week in the committee in the Flemish Parliament. He gave an exposition of the devastating conflict in the Caucasus. The current blockade of the Lachin corridor is a true humanitarian crisis. It must stop now.”

Elaborating on the resolution the EAFJD president Kaspar Karampetian said:

“We highly appreciate the work of the Flemish MPs in particular those Members who have been playing a leading role and tirelessly speaking up against the Azerbaijani aggression as well as its policy of ethnic cleansing in Artsakh /Nagorno Karabakh.” Karampetian concluded emphasizing, “The right to self-determination of the native Armenian people of Artsakh equals to their right to life which must be defended relentlessly.”

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