Two Armenian servicemen abducted: Defense Ministry refutes Azerbaijani reports on subversive infiltration attempt

Two Armenian servicemen have been kidnapped by the Azerbaijani side, the Armenian Ministry of Defense says.

According to the Ministry, the rear supply vehicle driven by the servicemen, who went missing on May 26, at 9 pm, was found on the inter-positional road. The car was loaded with food and water intended for the combat bases.

The Armenian side refutes reports of the Azerbaijani border guard service claiming that two Armenian soldiers were arrested while attempting a subversive infiltration, noting that the Armenian side has enough evidence to deny it, and it will be presented to international partners

The weapon of one of the servicemen was found in the car, which proves that even if the servicemen got out of the car and lost their way in the area, the servicemen could not have had subversive intentions, the Ministry says.

Investigation in under way to reveal the circumstances of the illegal abduction of Armenian servicemen by Azerbaijan.

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