Rich in flavors and history: Forbes presents 11 can’t miss culinary experiences in Armenia

A cuisine that’s remarkably diverse from its north to south, Armenian food isn’t just rich in flavors – it’s rich in history, as well, Breanna Wilson writes in an articles published by Forbes.

“Presented with modest simplicity, the dishes and wine traditions here, some of the first in the world, can only be understood once you step foot in the country, making Armenia a destination that should no longer be overlooked, especially by gastronomes and oenophiles,” the author says.

According to her, “while checking out the local restaurants and cafes in Yerevan gives visitors a surface-level introduction to Armenian food, there are far better ways to explore the cuisine – and to do a deep dive into its traditions, techniques, and the people keeping this part of their heritage alive.”

And that means getting out, getting your hands dirty, Breanna Wilsonn writes, presenting 11 different experiences in Armenia that will help explore the cuisine:

  • Go on a Wild Food Adventure with 2492
  • Go Foraging at Sona Guesthouse
  • Make Sasna Klulik at Noosh Guesthouse
  • Bury Horats Panir at Old Martiros Guesthouse
  • Eat the Best of Meghri at Khachats Toun
  • Visit an Armenian Gastro Yard at Yeganyans
  • Taste Armenian Cheese at the Mikayelyan Family Farm
  • Sit Among the Vineyards at Momik Wines
  • Take a Culinary Masterclass at Hotel Mirhav
  • Make Chanakh and Pokhind at Chalet Gyumri
  • Learn to Make Gata with Legends Guesthouse
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