Roberto Travan’s photos depicting the impact of Artsakh War on display in Turin, Italy

Italian photojournalist Roberto Travan’s long-term project “Nagorno Karabakh, peace can wait” has been launched in Turin (Italy).

The photos documenting the tragedy of the war imposed on Artsakh in September 2020 will be on display until January 16 as part of the photo exhibition “Strappi.”

“After the exhibition in Brussels, happy to open another tear on the tragedy of Nagorno Karabakh,” Roberto Travan said in a Facebook post.

From September 27 to November 10, 2021 photos depicting the impact of the Artsakh war through the lens of photographers Roberto Travan and Olivier Papegnies from Belgium were on display in Brussels.

The opening of the open air exhibition in the heart of Ixelles (Flagey area) on October 1st gathered around 200 attendees, including European commission representatives working on the region, current and former Belgian members of Parliament, officials of local authorities in Brussels and Ambassador and Head of Mission of the Republic of Armenia Mrs. Anna Aghadjanian.

In his conversation with on-site viewers, Roberto Travan expressed just how deeply he has been affected by his experience in Artsakh and how grateful he is for the people of Artsakh who did their best to accommodate his needs during his mission as a reporter.

He explained: “I’ve covered different war zones in my career as a photo journalist. I was in Ukraine, in Afghanistan, in Central African Republic but my work in Nagorno Karabakh was by far the hardest experience. The constant shelling in Stepanakert, day and night, on civilian targets, was really what made it so different from the other wars.”

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