Armenian Armath Engineering Laboratories expand to Dhaka, Bangladesh

From October 29 to November 4 the joint delegation of the Bangladeshi partners of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE) visited Armenia to discuss the opening of an Armath Engineering Laboratory in the capital Dhaka. The opening of the laboratory is planned to take place in the spring of 2022 at the Dhaka Air Force School in cooperation with the DIP (Development Innovation Platform) Foundation.

The Bangladeshi delegation consisted of 7 representatives of the Bangladeshi High Tech Park Authority (Ministry of Information Technology and Communication) and 3 representatives of the DIP (Development Innovation Platform) Foundation.

The UATE partners visited an Armath Lab in Yerevan and in the regions, as well as an Armath Airborne UAV lab in Dilijan, where they had an opportunity to meet the students of the Monte Melkonian Lyceum. The guests expressed confidence that the opening of an Armath Lab in Dhaka will greatly contribute to the professional orientation of the youth.

“The purpose of the visit of the representatives of the state and public sphere of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was to transfer the positive experience and the applicable result of the educational project created in Armenia and to reveal the features of implementation. The visits to schools and laboratories helped the decision-makers to get a general idea about the purpose and the implementation of the Armath project. The representatives of the Bangladeshi delegation pointed out that they will present Armath to their High Tech Park Authority, and will pursue the issue of implementing Armath in the Republic of Bangladesh,” said Shamam Gevorgyan, director of UATE educational programs.

It was decided that the two Bangladeshi teachers would visit Armenia before the opening of the lab in Dhaka to undergo relevant training on the Armath methodology and gain working knowledge. The prospect of opening Armath Labs in other parts of Bangladesh will be considered in the near future.

The UATE started the process of exporting the Armenian educational model years ago, registering practical success, opening Armath Engineering Laboratories first in India and now in Bangladesh. The latter’s delegation visited Armenia in 2019, during the days of the annual DigiTec Expo, when they and their counterparts from Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Morocco were hosted at the Armath Lab in Agarak. There they got acquainted with the peculiarities of the program, the successes registered and the projects of the students of the lab.

It’s noteworthy that at the moment around 600 Armath Engineering Laboratories operate on the territory of Armenia (including Artsakh), Georgia and India, where around 15000 students get free engineering education.

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