Azerbaijan’s territorial claims on Armenia should be a subject of wider international discussion, PM Pashinyan says

Azerbaijan has adopted a policy of continuous aggression against Armenia and the issue should be in the focus of discussions of the international community, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at an online press conference today.

“In a post-war euphoria, Azerbaijan is actually trying to exercise the right of the “winner of the war,” something that does not exist in the modern world,” the Prime Minister said,

He added that Armenia, in turn, is trying to make every constructive effort to calm the situation in the region. The Prime Minister stressed that a member of the international community should have certain boundaries, and the international community should keep an eye on those boundaries, because otherwise, “we are witnessing a process of decay of international relations.”

“Azerbaijan is apparently laying territorial claims on Armenia. What does “Zangezur corridor “mean? What does “Eastern Zangezur” mean? Who has coined these terms and what does this mean? What does the “corridor logic” mean? We have declared on many occasions and reiterate that we are not going to discuss any issue within that logic,” PM Pashinyan said.

He added, however, that this does not mean Armenia is refusing from the agenda of opening of regional communications.

“On the contrary, Armenia is perhaps more interested in the opening of regional communications. And in my opinion Azerbaijan is developing the “corridor logic” to abort the process,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the Armenian side will do its best not to allow it.

“This situation must go more international, because this is not an issue of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations only, this is an issue of international law and world order. The President of Azerbaijan says “we will stand wherever we want.” What does this mean? We need to understand whether there is a new world order where anyone can stand wherever they want. In other words, does this mean that a third country will stand wherever it wants in the territory of Azerbaijan, or does Azerbaijan indicate to all neighbors that it will stand wherever it wants? Does it mean that a new page of international law opens? This should be the subject of serious international discussion. Is the involvement of mercenaries becoming a new right?” the Prime Minister stressed.

According to him, this is the reason why Armenia is taking the issue to several international platforms, including the International Court of Justice.

“We believe that Azerbaijan’s behavior should be discussed more and more widely, not only in the trilateral format, not only in the CSTO, not only in the UN, not only in The Hague, not only in the ECHR. I am going to take part in the Democracy Summit, which will take place online, and I am going to raise this issue there as well. What Baku is doing is an attack on Armenia’s sovereignty, statehood, independence and democracy by Azerbaijan and the  countries that encourage it. We are going to pursue this issue on all possible international platforms. We will not limit ourselves,” Pashinyan concluded.

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