Musk Factor: 12,000 actors apply for participation in Armenian-made comedy series

More than 12,000 actors have applied for participation in the Armenian-made comedy series Musk Factor. The project announced the casting through the world-famous Backstage platform.

Applications have been filed by representatives of different nations. The high demand pushed the project to the top trends section of the website.

Backstage is the most popular platform in the world, where powerful companies such as Disney, Netflix, Amazon, NBC, HBO and others are looking for actors.

Armenian actors can also participate in the casting of the film through the platform, says Rafael Tadevosyan, general producer of the film. The shooting will start in April next year.

The 10-part Armenian film Musk Factor tells the story of four boys who achieve incredible success from an idea that seems unreal, using the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

They create human clones – virtual copies of humans in the digital space. Using these technologies, the four friends set up a social network where users can even communicate with virtual people created by artificial intelligence. It is possible to communicate with dead people (Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, 2pac, etc.).

The events of the film develop from the moment when the father of one of the main characters flies to Mars to become one of the first inhabitants of that planet.

The events unfold in 2028. The team tries to sow what the world will be like in the near future.

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