Turkey says it will “respond in time” to Biden’s Genocide statement

Turkey will respond over the coming months to UD president Joe Biden’s April 24th statement, the country’s presidential spokesman said on Sunday.

“There will be a reaction of different forms and kinds and degrees in the coming days and months,” Ibrahim Kalin told Reuters.

“Everything that we conduct with the US will be under the spell of this very unfortunate statement,” he said.

Kalin did not specify whether Ankara would restrict US access to the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey, which has been used to support the international coalition fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, among measures it may take.

Erdogan would address the issue after a cabinet meeting on Monday, Kalin said. “At a time and place that we consider to be appropriate, we will continue to respond to this very unfortunate, unfair statement,” he said.

Kalin said Turkey’s parliament is expected to make a statement this week.

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