Burbank City Council issues Armenian Genocide Proclamation

The Burbank City Council has issued a Proclamation designating April 24, 2020, as Burbank’s Day of Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923.

The proclamation was adopted during city’s virtual board meeting and was read aloud by Mayor Bob Frutos. The Proclamation will be presented to ANCA Burbank by mail due to COVID-19 restrictions.

During the presentation, a video message from Congressman Adam Schiff was played thanking the City Council for their efforts and support for the ongoing remembrance of Armenian Genocide and recognition of Artsakh. The congressman also thanked ANCA Burbank for all their efforts and support they provide to the Armenian community and the city of Burbank.“

As the past weeks and months have proved, the Genocide is not over by any means. The Azerbaijani government, following the example of Turkey, is intent on destroying every trace of Armenian existence in the territory they are illegally occupying in Artsakh. This proclamation is a call to all humanity to stop and reflect on the duty of every citizen to denounce all genocides, to seek justice and prevent future genocides,” stated Sarkis Simonian, Chair of ANCA Burbank.

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