Karabakh issue remains unsolved no matter what Azerbaijan says – Armenian PM

The Karabakh issue is not solved no matter what Azerbaijan says, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a meeting with residents of Nerkin Bazmaberd village in Aragatsotn province.

“No matter how often the Azerbaijani leadership declares that the Karabakh issue is solved, it remains unsolved,” he said, adding that Azerbaijan’s plan was to leave no single Armenian in Artsakh.

“But today Artsakh persists, Artsakh Armenians persist, and it’s only thanks to our perished brothers, our soldiers, our Army.  We have passed through a bitter war,  but what we have is thanks to our guys,”  he said.

The Prime Minister stressed that the biggest problem of co-existence in the region is that we are perceived as enemy, and we perceive others as enemy.

PM Pashinyan noted that “while it’s not an easy-to-solve issue, we need to move forward, and the way to move forward is what we are discussing today – the unblocking of regional infrastructure and links.”

He said the unblocking of communication is mutually beneficial for Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“It’s beneficial for Azerbaijan because it will get a link to Nakhijevan, it’s beneficial for Armenia because we’ll get a rail communication with Russia and Iran,” the Prime Minister said, adding that it could have an essential impact on Armenia’s economy.

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