Armenia, Iran to establish technology exchange center

Iran and Armenia will set up a technology exchange center to broaden and enhance bilateral ties in the relevant fields, Mehr News Agency reports.

Developing cooperation between Iranian and Armenian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) as well as setting up a technology center between the two countries were emphasized in a meeting between heads of SMEs Organizations of the two countries.  

In this bilateral meeting, which was held at the venue of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO) on Sat., CEO of Iranian Small- and Medium-Sized Organization Ali Rasoulian and his Armenian counterpart Levon Ohanesian discussed the introduction of activities and measures taken to develop small- and medium-sized enterprises and joint areas of bilateral cooperation were exchanged between the two parties.

Rasoulian pointed to the very close relationship between the people of Armenia and Iran and the vast opportunities for cooperation between the two countries and stressed the need to develop cooperation between economic enterprises based in townships and industrial parks as well as organizing exhibitions in the presence of Iranian and Armenian firms.

He also referred to the experience of setting up technology centers with other countries in ISIPO, launching a permanent center for the exchange of technology between Iran and Armenia in Tehran and also face-to-face meetings between Iranian and Armenian firms.

For his part, Levon Ohanesian Head of Center to Support Investment and Development of SMEs in Armenia expounded on the executive programs and activities of this Center.

He voiced the readiness of his country in expanding bilateral cooperation especially in the field of SMEs and sharing successful experiences between the two countries.

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