Artsakh President’s urge young people to form volunteer groups to support the work of the headquarters

“Convened today an extended working meeting. The current state of war suggests that, given the aspirations of the enemy, we must prepare for long-term combat actions”, Artsakh president Arayik Harutyunyan wrotre on Facebook.

“I have assigned to set up operative headquarters in Yerevan, which will have working groups in the regions of Armenia, and will deal with the social problems of the families from Artsakh temporarily resettled in Armenia due to the Azeri-Turkish aggression.

I urge young people to form volunteer groups to support the work of the headquarters. Regardless of the circumstances, every citizen of Artsakh must feel the daily attention of the government.

The Defense Army, together with the militia forces, continues to resist the enemy’s offensive actions, causing significant losses of manpower and military equipment on a daily basis.

Both our army and the population are well aware of ​​the difficulties this war presents and the problems of overcoming them in the long run. Taking the opportunity, I once again call on all the citizens of Artsakh liable for military service who are now in Mother Armenia to return and stand by your brothers shoulder to shoulder.

All of us will be held accountable for our behavior and our actions first and foremost to the public”.

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