MP Gagik Tsarukyan’s home searched

MP Gagik Tsarukyan’s home was searched by the National Security Service early on Sunday.

Members of the the National Assembly’s Prosperous Armenia faction and Tsarukyan’s supporters gathered in front of his house.

The MP described it as political pressure. He was later summoned to the National Security Service for questioning.

Shortly afterwards the National Security Service issued two statements. The NSS said the leadership and members of the Prosperous Armenia Party had been engaged in vote-buying during the 2017 parliamentary election campaign.

The NSS said about forty searches were conducted as part of the preliminary examination, during which documents containing computer records or detailed handwritten documents related to the movement of funds during the elections were confiscated.

In another statement, the National Security Service accused two gambling firms known to be run by Gagik Tsarukyan of serious financial and licensing irregularities that cost the state more than 29 billion drams ($60 million) in damage.

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