Plane from China carries new batch of medical supplies to Armenia

Today, a plane from Beijing, China, transported the latest batch of essential personal protective equipment purchased by the United Nations World Food Program for the Armenian Ministry of Health to equip Armenian medical facilities fighting COVID-19.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) has worked with the Armenian government and its partners to transport 125,000 pieces of personal protective equipment to Armenia to protect health workers at the forefront, including 80,000 medical uniforms and protective equipment – glasses, face shields, etc.

WFP was able to purchase equipment worth $ 1 million thanks to donations from the My Step Foundation, the Izmirlian Foundation, the Galust Gulbenkian Foundation, the St. Sargis Humanitarian Foundation, and the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the support of Eduardo Eurnekian’s companies, as well as the Office of the Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs in the Republic of Armenia.

The air transportation was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As long as the needs continue to grow, WFP continues to seek support from its partners so that it can provide support to the Armenian population and government during this difficult time.

All over the world, the United Nations is uniting its forces and working with governments to make medical equipment available to people in need. In Armenia, the UNHCR, in cooperation with the UN Resident Coordinator and the WTO, is in charge of the freight forwarding sector to assist the Government of Armenia and its partners in supplying medical equipment, food and non-food items. Thanks to the strong partnership with the national authorities, the aircraft will continue to transport medical equipment from Armenia and the world’s key hubs to Armenia.

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