Armenia lifts restrictions on inter-regional movement, certain types of economic activity

Armenia has eased restrictions on inter-regional movement and some types of economic activity.

According to the Commandant Tigran Avinyan’s decision, checkpoints between different provinces will be removed; instead, efforts will be focused on tightened control over other restrictions.

Special regimes may be established in separate settlements depending on the degree of risk of spreading of the infection.

Restrictions on the movement of people and public transport are maintained.

Temporary restrictions on certain types of economic activity have been lifted. In particular, the ban will be lifted from polygraphic activity, production of pesticides and other agrochemicals, stone sawing and processing, production of metal construction structures, manufacturing of electrical wiring harnesses, repairing of finished metal products, machinery and equipment, installation of industrial machines and equipment.

Certain types of wholesale and retail sale in non-specialty stores, book publishing, production of TV programs, post-production activities and distribution will also be allowed.

Restrictions will also be lifted from the activity of trade unions, computer and communication equipment repair, repair of household electronic devices, home gardening.

Production of textile and garment, shoes, electrical equipment, furniture, as well as the activity of sports clubs could be allows based on individual applications.

All activity should comply with rules of sanitary-epidemiological safety.

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