Angela Merkel tops Forbes’ list of Most Powerful Women 2019

German chancellor Angela Merkel has topped Forbes‘ annual ranking of the world’s most powerful women for 2019.

Every year, Forbes compiles a list of the most influential female leaders from across the globe, in sectors including politics, business and entertainment.

Merkel has received top billing on the list for the ninth year running despite announcing that she plans to recede from political life entirely when her term as German Chancellor expires in 2021. While her political influence may be waning, she still wields power over the 4th largest economy in the world and the EU’s largest member state, making her the bloc’s de facto leader.

Coming in second place is Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, who previously served as managing director of the International Monetary Fund and placed 22nd on the most powerful people in the world list last year.

Following Lagarde is Nancy Pelosi, who became the first woman to serve as speaker of the US House of Representatives in 2007.

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