Lebanese Forces commemorates 102 anniversary of Armenian genocide

Photo: The Daily Star/Mohammad Azakir


The Lebanese Forces Friday held a ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the Armenian genocide, the Daily Star reports.

“April 24, 1915 is not just another day… Humanity was stabbed with the dagger of cruelty,” LF chief Samir Geagea said in a speech during the ceremony held in his Mount Lebanon residence at Maarab.

He added that Lebanese and Armenians have forged historical bonds.

“Our cause is one,” Geagea said. “Armenians struggled for a free Armenia, and so did the Lebanese.”

“It is true that the land of Armenia wept your ancestors … but you have found fathers and mothers in Lebanon,” he added.

A large number of Armenians fled to Lebanon in the wake of the massacres and now make up roughly 4 percent of the population

Geagea also expressed his sympathy with the current regional crises, namely the ongoing war in neighboring Syria.

“We have to be honest with ourselves by condemning the assassins of today like we condemn the assassins of the past,” he said.

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