President Sargsyan’s address on Diplomat’s Day

President Sargsyan has issued an address on the occasion of Diplomat’s Day

Dear Diplomats,

I congratulate you on the occasion of Diplomat’s Day.
This year marks a jubilee, because 25 years ago, on this very day Armenia joined the United Nations Organization, thus fulfilling the cherished aspiration of our people to become a full-fledged member of the international community.

A quarter of a century ago, when Armenia appeared again on the world political map, the link between our country and the outside world was established first of all through our diplomats. It is no coincidence that this symbolic day has been declared and is traditionally celebrated as the professional holiday of Armenian Diplomats.

Indeed, the responsibility to protect the interests of independent Armenia, which has a millennia-old history, rich traditions and culture, and those of its citizens is a great responsibility. One of the peculiarities of diplomatic service is that most of its activities remain invisible to public eye. Be assured that your work is visible to us and is praiseworthy.

Today again our country faces multiple challenges. In the efforts to withstand those challenges we have great expectations and requirements from you, our diplomats. Just like the Armenian soldier on the frontline, so do you, abroad and in the central apparatus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, should remain vigilant and always ready to counter any threat directed against our state and national interests.

The surrounding geopolitical realities have left their unique mark on our diplomatic service as well. Along with high professional requirements, which may be even higher than in case of diplomats of other countries, your work requires a selfless dedication to and love for Homeland. That is the case when you represent a country, which has to live under the conditions of war and blockade.

Armenia is a peace-loving country. We, the Armenians, have struggled for centuries for the right to live on the land of our ancestors, so we fully realize the value of peaceful life. Diplomats carry on their shoulders the most important share of the responsibility to ensure necessary conditions for a peaceful and sustainable development of our country. I am confident that you understand that responsibility and are ready to bear it with honor.

I am sure that you will continue to properly represent our country, our stance and approaches and through your active engagement will make them more audible and understandable within international platforms; that you will continue to bring your considerable contribution to the strengthening of our country’s external security.

Dear Diplomats,

Once again I congratulate you on the occasion of Diplomat’s Day and wish you an unlimited vigor to fulfill to the best possible extent the mission entrusted to you. I also wish you new achievements for the benefit and development of our Homeland.

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