Documents prove Ottoman policy of Islamization of Armenian orphans during Genocide

The Research Center for Western Armenian Studies has published two documents, proving the Ottoman policy of Islamization of Armenian orphans.

During the Armenian Genocide the Ottoman Government pursued the policy of Turkification of Armenian women and children. presents two Ottoman documents and their Western Armenian translations. The texts are related to Armenian orphans hosted at a building in Ankara.

In the first document Interior Minister Talaat says it’s inexpedient to leave the Armenian children assembled in the building and orders to relocate them to different Islamic organizations.

The second document is the response by Ankara’s Deputy Governor Atif, who reports details about the number of Armenian women and children in the region and informs that the Armenian orphans will be sent to Islamic organizations.

The documents have been provided to the Research Center for Western Armenian Studies by US-based researcher Gevorg Hakobyan.

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