UAE companies willing to invest in Armenia

On a visit to the United Arab Emirates, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan had a meeting with the heads of a number of investment and development companies.

The interlocutors hailed the warm friendly relations between Armenia and the Arab world, especially the United Arab Emirates. They noted, however, that the economic ties do not correspond to the high-level political dialogue.

The heads of investment and development companies noted that the Armenian President’s visit to UAE and the meetings with the leadership of the country are a testament to the willingness of the parties to intensify the relations in the trade and economic sphere.

They assured of their interest in investment programs in Armenia and pledged their willingness to discuss Armenia’s proposals on cooperation in different spheres, to visit the country and study the environment on the ground.

President Sargsyan informed the participants of the meeting that the Armenian side has prepared strategic investment packages, which he keeps in the spotlight. The President said UAE investments in different spheres of the Armenian economy are welcome, and added that large investors will be offered privileges conditions.

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