School with enhanced studies of Chinese to be established in Armenia

The commencement of the Program on the establishment of the School with the Enhanced Studies of Chinese Language in Armenia took place at the Presidential Palace in the presence of the President of Armenia and the First-ranked Vice Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Zhang Gaoli. The program is aimed at the strengthening of the centuries-long friendship of the Armenian and Chinese peoples.

The President of Armenia expressed confidence that the Confucius Institute functioning in our country and the School with the enhanced studies of the Chinese language will become important platforms for the dissemination of the unique values of the Chinese culture, establishment of free communication between the future generations and mutual understanding of each other’s cultures.

“I started to discuss the idea of opening such a school with the leadership of the PRC years ago and I am glad that during my last year’s state visit to China, the program was approved by President Xi Jinping. The School compound will possess a modern architectural form as well as elements of the traditional Chinese architecture. I am confident that the School will have superb technical equipment. It is deeply symbolic for us that the compound will be located next to the Home-Museum of the prominent Armenian intellectual and pedagogue Khatchatur Abovian. I am confident that the activities of the School will greatly promote dissemination in the Armenian society and particularly among our youth, of the Chinese language and Chinese culture. It is well known that mutual respect and sympathy constitute the base of strong and long-lasting interstate relations; these respect and sympathy are acquired through the consistent strengthening and development of the educational and cultural ties. This is exactly what we are doing today together with our Chinese colleagues. We are grateful for the gratuitous help which the Government of the PRC has been providing to Armenia for years.

Dear Attendees,

The Armenian-Chinese relations are anchored in the centuries-long friendship. With the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries twenty-four years ago, we declared a new phase of cooperation, creating a favorable base for the expansion and deepening of the interstate relations. After my last year’s state visit to China, our relations were elevated to a qualitatively new level, further enriching the substance of our bilateral agenda. Mr. Vice Premier, your official visit to Armenia also testifies to that fact. There is no doubt that your visit will give a new impetus to the development of our relations in every area.

Chinese language and culture have already become very popular in our country thanks to the establishment and activities of the Confucius Institute. Creation of this compound is based on the vision of the great Chinese intellectual and philosopher Confucius, “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if you think in terms of ten years – plant trees; if you think in terms of 100 years – educate the people,” said President Serzh Sargsyan.

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