David Babayan: Mechanism of investigation of border incidents the first step towards resumption of talks

“The military action unleashed by Azerbaijan and the latter’s provocative actions on the diplomatic level have deadlocked the negotiation process,” Spokesman for the NKR President David Babayan told Public Radio of Armenia.

“Now Azerbaijan is trying to present Armenia and Artsakh as a non-constructive party,” he said.

“This comes to prove Azerbaijan is not ready for negotiations,” Babayan said, adding that “resumption of talks is possible only in case

“It’s very difficult to revitalize the negotiation process, but even is talks resume, the discussions will start from the very first stage, and will not focus on final political solutions,” Babayan said.

As a first step the Spokesman pointed to the necessary to implement the mechanisms for investigation of border incidents. “Without this it will be impossible to proceed to the discussion of political issues,” he noted.

Both official Stepanakert and official Yerevan have always stressed the importance of implementation of this measure. This is the basis, which the future talks should build upon.

He said the four-day war has caused a great harm to the negotiation process, and speaking about political issues after Azeri aggression would be illogical.

According to Babayan, speaking about any new document is untimely. “One thing is clear. There can be no return to the past, with regard to borders and status. Artsakh must be able to defend itself without outer interference,” he said.

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