Istanbul Armenian community worried after attack on an elderly couple




Hagop Yakup Demirci, an 85-year-old Armenian man living in Istanbul’s Sisili district with his wife, Seta Ayda Demirci, 79, was found dead after three burglars left the old Armenian couple tied inside their apartment on February 6. The burglars stole 100,000 Turkish Liras.

“When the information on the attack on an Armenian family spread in Istanbul, it caused fear among Armenians that the crime could have been committed by Armenians. Now it’s an undeniable fact that the couple has been attacked by citizens of the Republic of Armenia,” regional studies expert Sargis Hatspanyan told a press conference today. According to him, the Turkish Police have disseminated information, claiming that the group committed other crimes in Turkey.

“This murder that could seem a regular crime to many, contains a lot of problems,” Hatspanyan said. “Turkey, in the face of its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan can use this private story against us. Besides, the attack has seriously damaged the reputation of the Armenian community of Istanbul,” the expert said.

Everything was arranged by an Armenian housekeeper. “Today Armenians of Istanbul fear for their lives. They are not sure whether they can trust Armenian housekeepers,” Hatspanyan said.

Seta Ayda Demirci heard the criminals speak Armenian, but didn’t tell the Police. The woman tried to keep the fact secret. The movement of the criminals was fixed by street cameras, whiched helped solve the crime easily.

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