Sterligov says could return to Nagorno Karabakh

Russian businessman German Sterligov does not plan to cut ties with Nagorno Karabakh and intends to return there from time to time.

“The fact that we have returned to the Motherland, does not mean we’ll not go back to Nagorno Karabakh. It’s sort of native home to us now,” Sterligov told Interfax agency.

The businessman said he has got a small farm in Nagorno Karbakah, which his local friends will look after.

“We now have a small farm, we have a mill and grind flour there. Besides, I have a partner there, a local guy,” he said.

“Therefore, nothing is cancelled. My elder sons will look after the farm and I’ll visit there from time to time,” he added.

Last week the businessman returned from Karabakh, where spent a couple of months. Upon his arrival in Moscw, Sterligov was detained at Domodedovo Airport, but was released after a two-hour talk.

The Azerbaijani authorities blame the Russian businessman of launching ‘illegal’ activity in Nagorno Karabakh.

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