My Travel Affairs: 5 tips for traveling to Armenia

As travel packages to Armenia are becoming popular day by day, My Travel Affairs Travel Blog provides 5 tips for traveling to Armenia. The website notes that “Armenia is one of the most ancient and unique countries in the Caucasus. Despite its small territories, this country has so much to offer to its foreign guests: picturesque mountainous landscapes, ancient sights, delicious cuisine, exciting places for active holiday lovers! We must also note the hospitality and kindness of locals who warmly welcome their foreign guests.”

What to take

The answer to this question depends on the season and the purpose you decide to go to Armenia. Just take into consideration that summer in Armenia, especially in the capital, is hot and rather dry with average temperature – 28-35 °C and few rainy days. Thus, it is better to take comfortable clothing suitable for hot Armenian days. However, if you decide to visit the countryside of Armenia in summer, consider that the temperature there is lower than in the capital and in the evening you may need some warm clothes.

The winter in Armenia varies from region to region. In the capital it is not very cold, however, sometimes is very snowy. The temperature ranges from +2 to -10 °C. In countryside and ski resorts the weather is much colder so without warm clothing in winter you won’t get along at all.

The most pleasant season in Armenia is the beginning of autumn, as the weather is so mild, pleasant and warm with few rainy days. In spring you should be ready for changeable weather and some rains, so prepare appropriate thing and clothing.

What concerns the style of clothing, Armenians dress like in Europe, so there are no any special warnings or tips.Etchmiadzin_cathedral

What to see

Armenia is of а great interest for cultural tourism lovers. And that’s no wonder: the country with its 3500 year- old history has so many unique historical and cultural attractions, that it is sometimes called “the museum under the open sky”. Most of the sights here are connected with Christianity: ancient monasteries and churches with their amazing architecture, unique cross-stones.

Among religious sights the website recommends not to miss and necessarily visit Khor Virap with its breathtaking view to Mount Ararat, Geghard known for its amazing rock architecture, Tatev, which is the best example of medieval architecture, Haghpat and Sanahin included into UNESCO world heritage list, Echmiadzin Cathedral – the religious center of all Armenians.

Armenia amazes not only by its architecture masterpieces but also by the beauty of its unique nature. So if you want to relax and feel in harmony with nature we recommend visiting the following natural sites. Firstly, of course, we should mention azure Lake Sevan, the beauty of which will not leave anyone indifferent. It is one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world and the largest in the Caucasus. It is impossible not to admire the picturesque landscapes surrounding the lake: hills covered with forests, rock cliffs, grasslands turning into alpine meadows. It is no accident that travelers choosing a tour to Armenia, try not to miss this wonderful and unforgettable place. Sevan is the best choice for those who prefer beach vacations, want to swim, sunbathe, play active games and have a good time.
For those who would like to relax in nature’s lap and improve the health, the best choice will be a cozy town of Jermuk with its healing mineral waters and high- quality sanatoriums.

The trip around Armenia will not be full without exploring its heart – the ancient city of Yerevan. Yerevan delights with its cozy atmoshphere, unique architecture, lots of educational museums, and well-designed cafes and restaurants. Visit the city center with its majestic Republic Square, Opera and Ballet Theater, and modern Northern Avenue, have a good time in one of the national restaurants and order national dishes like tolma, horovats, harisa, stroll around the night Yerevan with its friendly lights and singing fountains and you will get lots of positive emotions and impressions!


What to do

Armenia is not only popular for its cultural tourism but also is an excellent destination for adventure travel lovers. Mountainous landscapes of Armenia are very favorable for different extreme sports and it has good conditions for paragliding, mountaineering, ski sports, snowboarding, rock climbing, trekking and others.

The most popular ski resort of Armenia is Tsakhkadzor which offers great eqipment and well-developed ski trails. The rope-way built on the slopes of Mount Teghenis ensures maximum safety for the visitors.

For paragliding, one of the most favorite places is a small village Tsovagyugh near Lake Sevan and Mount Hatis. By the way, paragliding tours to Armenia are gaining popularity day by day.

The favorite destination for trekking is Mount Aragats – the highest one in Armenia (4090 m).


What to buy

Buying souvenirs that will remind of the trip is an important ritual for any tourists visiting any foreign country. So what to bring home after the trips to Armenia as a souvenir or a gift to relatives and friends? That’s an easy question if you know what are the national symbols of Armenia and what has this country been famous for over centuries. In this list without any doubt we can include Mount Ararat and an apricot as living symbols, and brandy, carpets, duduk and jewelry as national treasures.

The best choice for buying souvenirs will be an open-air fair “Vernissage” that opens its hospitable doors every weekend and offers lots of unique work of crafts and souvenirs. Here you will find paintings, jewelry, woodwork, magnets, musical instruments, national souvenirs, carpets, costumes, semi-precious stones, rarity, and many-many other unique things.

Armenia is also known for its tasty national products, pastry and dried fuits. Want to buy something like that? Visit the famous market at the intersection of Mashtots and Khorenatsi streets.

For buying or degustating Armenian brandy you can go straight to the cognac factory “Ararat” which is one of the most popular brands in the country.


How to communicate

Armenians are very kind and open-hearted people who warmly welcome the tourists and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible in Armenia. Any tourists after the journey around Armenia mention the warm attitude of the locals. So there will be no difficulties in communication at all. And it is also important to mention that residents of Yerevan have a good command of Russian language and youth generation speaks not bad English. So you can easily approach them in case you have any questions and they will be glad to help. However, out of Yerevan there may be some difficulties concerning the language barrier as not all the provincial residents speak English.

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