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Armenian Genocide Resolution submitted to Serbian Parliament

MPs of the opposition New Party (NS) submitted to the Serbian parliament Monday a draft resolution on the recognition and condemnation of genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenian people in the period from 1915 to 1922, according to Tanjug Exactly.

According to the website of that party, the draft resolution also calls on other countries, including Turkey, and international organizations to recognize and condemn the genocide against the Armenian people and in that way help prevent such crimes from happening in the future.

New Party is calling on the Serbian government and citizens to observe April 24 as a day of remembrance of the victims of the Armenian Genocide, stressing that the day will mark one hundred years since the beginning of the Armenian Genocide, recognized and condemned by more than 20 countries.

The party said that the deliberate and systematic extermination of the Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire, a persecution on a truly horrifying scale, had been one of the most serious crimes against humanity ever made, and it was therefore a moral obligation of all to honor the victims by recognizing and strongly condemning the genocide.

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