Geoffrey Robertson book on Armenian Genocide in Australian libraries

The Armenian Youth Federation of Australia (AYF Australia) has announced it has succeeded in getting libraries around the country to purchase and display “An Inconvenient Genocide,” which is Geoffrey Robertson’s recently-released book on the Armenian Genocide, Asbarez reports.

Over the past month, AYF Australia worked closely with libraries in Sydney and Melbourne, writing letters and making phone calls, to ensure this book — which unequivocally proves the legal case of the Armenian Genocide — is available to be borrowed by community members, as well as students who study the Armenian Genocide as part of the New South Wales syllabus. AYF Australia advises the community to read the book and make the authorities of the country change their position on the Armenian Genocide. The Head of the Armenian National Committee of Australia, Vache Kahramanian, stated that the book will pave a great way to change the country authorities’ position on the Armenian Genocide.

Australia’s largest Armenian youth organization was pleased to announce that 13 local and university libraries have purchased the book.

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