Time for daring steps: The legal bases for bringing the Armenian Genocide issue to the International Court

Sona Hakobyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide historian Armen Marukyan presents his new book titled “The bases and opportunities for applying to the International Court on Armenian Genocide issue.” According to the author, the times of keeping silent and waiting are gone. Now it’s time for daring steps, as it is our decades-long hesitancy that has made our neighbor unbridled.

“This work shows that we have serious legal bases to apply to the International Court,” said Ashot Melkonyan, Director of the History Institute of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences.

Lawyer Vladimir Vardanyan noted that “although the book cannot give a final solution to the Armenian Cause, it will serve a serious basis for the future steps.”

“Those who deny the truth will find a lot of interesting approaches and facts in the book,” he said.

Expert of Turkish Studies Artakh Shakaryan welcomes the fact that we not only speak about material compensation, but also try to find scientific bases for reparation, as “the same Perincek case came to prove that only knowledge cannot guarantee success at the court.”

“I think that with this book we are better prepared to applying to the judicial instances in the coming years. Aside from having a ground, we should have highly qualified lawyers famous and powerful not only in Armenia, but also all over the world. This book is important, but we must move on,” Shakaryan said.

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