Karabakh was the first in the USSR to raise the flag of independence: Lithuanian MP

Lusine Avanesyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Members of the Lithuanian Seimas-Artsakh Republic Parliamentary Friendship Group, led by the head of the group Dalia Kuodytė, were in Nagorno Karabakh to participate in the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of proclamation of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. The Lithuanian MPs had meetings with NKR President, Foreign Minister and their counterparts at the National Assembly.

They discussed issues of cooperation in different fields. Dalia Kuodytė told reporters in Stepanakert that she’s not worried about the reaction of Azerbaijan. “It’s Baku’s problem,” she said.

When creating the group, the Latvian MPs were guided by the idea that Artsakh was the first in the Soviet Union to raise the flag of independence, Dalia Kuodytė said, adding that “the voice of the people of Artsakh should be audible in the world today.”

“We are realistic. We don’t think this or that step will help solve Artsakh’s political problems, but it’s important to listen to each other, to have Artsakh’s voice heard in Latvia,” she added.

She underlines the importance of Latvian MPs to Artsakh and dissemination of information about Artsakh in Latvia. According to her, the cooperation with the Armenian delegation to PACE is also important.

“I think it’s cynical to speak about territorial integrity, ignoring the principle of self-determination,” she said. According to her, all countries have their geopolitical purposes and this should be taken into consideration, but it’s also necessary to prove the own truth and make the own voice heard. No one can prohibit Artsakh from doing this,” she said.

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