Azerbaijan failed in all its plans: The results of Sochi meeting

Karen Ghazaryan


By increasing the tension on the Line of Contact between Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan, the latter strived to create a situation, which would allow Ilham Aliev to be more demanding and make ultimatums, the Chairman of “European Integration” NGO Karen Bekaryan said.  Making the summary of the results of trilateral meeting of the Presidents in Sochi, the analyst mentioned that all Attempts of Azerbaijan failed, facing the furious counteraction of the Armenian Armed Forces.    

Karen Bekaryan believes, that the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs have their portion of responsibility for the recent tension on the Line of Contact. According to him, the West showed quite a soft attitude towards Azerbaijan, turning a blind eye on many things, and Russia, while selling weapons to Azerbaijan, did not take into account that certain signals were thus transmitted.

Though it is accounted for just a business, however, Azerbaijan treated it as a signal of possibility to become more active. “By increasing the tension on the Line of Contact Azerbaijan strived to create a situation, which would allow Ilham Aliev to have more demanding position and, why not, speak the language of ultimatums. What did it gain in the result? Glory to our soldiers, and, particularly to those, who fell defending the borders of the motherland. The counteraction of our armed Forces was more than furious due to which the plans of Azerbaijan vanished in the open air,” Karen Bekaryan stated, adding that another failure of Azerbaijan’s attempts was the trilateral meeting of Armenian, Russian and Azerbaijani Presidents in Sochi. By Karen Bekaryan’s assessment, it does not mean that there will never be such attempts in future, however, important is to realize the fact that our Army is the first and foremost guarantee of our security and that it needs to be nourished by the moral support of the society.

By the assessment of the political analyst, Sochi removed the threat of war, but did not bring it to a null. The analyst believes that as long as there was no adequate political culture, it is difficult to wait for long-term solutions. However, one thing is clear: Azerbaijan, realized at least for a certain period of time, that his military adventures are not effective, hence, it must focus on political solutions.

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