NKR Presideent: Settlement impossible without Artsakh’s participation in all stages of talks

On 19 February President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan visited the NKR Foreign Ministry and partook in a consultation summing up the activities of the structure in 2013 and outlining the 2014 action plan.

Foreign Minister Karen Mirzoyan, representatives of the Ministry’s different departments delivered corresponding reports.

The President noted in his speech that Artsakh Republic would further conduct comprehensive, balanced foreign policy based on complementarity with influential states and power centers.

According to Bako Sahakyan the destructive policy of Baku is the biggest hindrance on the way of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict settlement, which also threatens maintenance of regional peace and stability.

Referring to the peaceful settlement process, President Sahakyan underlined that the NKR would be consistent in activities towards restoring the full-fledged negotiation format, making it clear that comprehensive settlement of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict would be impossible to achieve without full participation of the official Stepanakert at all stages of the negotiations.

Touching upon the international recognition process of the ArtsakhRepublic the President noted there positive developments, adding that it’s both inspiring and binding. It’s inspiring because it demonstrates that recognition process of ArtsakhRepublic is moving forward and testifying that Artsakh is a full-fledged democratic state and at the same time laying foundations for the republic’s international recognition. It’s binding because the positive dynamics needs to be maintained in the future.

President Sahakyan gave corresponding instructions for the efficient organization of activities, elimination of shortcomings inside the foreign ministry, adding that the state in its turn would do

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