Ruben Safrastyan: Statement on Turkey’s membership in the Customs Union a message to the EU

Anna Nazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

Having failed to register victory on the Syrian issue, Turkey is changing its policy. Turkey has launched an independent game, and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s proposal to accept Turkey in the Customs Union was part of that game.

According to expert of Turkish studies Ruben Safrastyan, it was a message to the EU, which has long suspended the membership talks with Turkey. He says Turkey’s membership in the Customs union is unrealistic at this point and there are no prerequisites for it.

“However, if we assume Turkey joins the Customs Union, Armenia must have a say here, of course, if it ever becomes a full member of the CU,” Sargsatyan said.

What will the Georgian presidential elections change in the region? Some political scientists believe the Turkish-Azerbaijani factor will weaken in the country after Margvelashvili’s victory. Safrastyan said he does not share the opinion.

Unlike Armenia and Georgia, Azerbaijan does not rush to move either towards the EU or the Customs Union. “Official Baku does not aspire to join any alliance, as it has oil, which makes it more independent,” Ruben Safrastyan said. He added that no changes should expected in the Karabakh issue.

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