Chechen complex home to Depardieu ablaze

The blaze that had engulfed the tallest skyscraper in the North Caucasus region of Russia, has been put out, leaving the building almost completely destroyed, Russia Today reports.

According to information given by local emergency services, the fire that had engulfed the ‘Grozny City’ skyscraper on Wednesday, was put out in the early hours of Thursday. The blaze has left the 40-floor building in a state of near-complete destruction.

All people had managed to leave the 145-meter skyscraper. Local police confirmed no one was injured.

In the burning skyscrapers, known collectively as ‘Olympus’, is an apartment belonging to French film star and tax exile Gerard Depardieu.

The head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov granted the actor the status of ‘Chechen’s honorable resident’ and presented an apartment in Grozny-City shortly after the Frenchman was granted Russian citizenship.

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