Is France ready to mobilize for Armenia as it did for Ukraine? Senator Pemezec calls for support to Artsakh

French Senator Philippe Pemezec calls on the government to actively help the Armenians in siege.

“The land of Armenia is burning and we are looking elsewhere. Since the invasion of the territory of Artsakh by Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey, Armenia lives in a state of siege,” the Senator said.

“Is France ready to mobilize for Armenia the same diplomatic, even military means that it mobilized for Ukraine, to defend a friendly people who are dying?” he asked Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna.

The Foreign Minister said “France has been denounced the blocking of the Lachin corridor by Azerbaijan since day one.”

“This blockage is fueling tensions. I plan to travel to Baku and Yerevan at the end of April to bring this message. France is taking action,” she said.

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