Nancy Pelosi cosponsors House Resolution condemning Azerbaijan’s blockade of Artsakh

Member of Congress, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has cosponsored the bipartisan anti-blockade resolution to break Azerbaijan’s blockade of 120,000 Armenians in their indigenous Artsakh homeland, reports the Armenian National Committee of America.

Earlier this week, a broad-bipartisan coalition of U.S. Representatives introduced Anti-Blockade legislation spearheaded by the Congressional Armenian Caucus, increasing U.S. pressure on Azerbaijan to end its two-month long blockade of 120,000 Armenians in their indigenous Artsakh homeland.

In addition to forcefully condemning Azerbaijan’s actions, the resolution would place the U.S. House of Representatives on record in favor of five practical remedies to the worsening humanitarian crisis in Artsakh caused by Azerbaijan’s blockade of food, medicine, and other vital necessities:

1) U.S. leadership in rallying the global community to petition international and multinational courts to investigate Azerbaijani war crimes.

2) U.S. cooperation with international partners, including Artsakh authorities, in securing the deployment of international observers to the Lachin Corridor.

3) Presidential action to immediately suspend any U.S. military or security assistance to Azerbaijan, and to enforce Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act

4) Presidential enforcement of statutory sanctions authority against Azerbaijani officials responsible for the blockade of Artsakh and other human rights violations

5) A robust program of sustained U.S. humanitarian relief and longer-term development assistance to the Armenian victims of Azerbaijani aggression in Artsakh and the Congressional Armenian Caucus leadership are spearheading a bi-partisan resolution to break the brutal blockade that oil-rich Azerbaijan put in place on December 11th against the 120,000 Christian Armenians living in their indigenous Artsakh homeland.

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