Azerbaijani forces firing at villages in Gegharkunik – Ombudsman

The Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia (RA) says he received alarms from the communities of Verin Shorzha and Saradeghy in the Gegharkunik Province on intensive firing from the Azerbaijani side between 03:30 and 03:40.

The residents say Azerbaijani servicemen are firing directly at their villages. According to the them, the shootings in the direction of the villages cease only due to the preventive actions of the Armenian Armed Forces.

“In recent days, the Human Rights Defender’s Office has been regularly receiving alarms from residents that Azerbaijani servicemen are constantly firing at the villages of Verin Shorzha and Kut in the Gegharkunik region, disrupting the peaceful life of the villages. It is only possible to stop these shootings only by the preventive shootings of the Armenian servicemen,” Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan says.

The Human Rights Defender specifically notes that these regular acts of the Azerbaijani armed forces grossly violate the right to life and health of civilians in the villages of Gegharkunik, disrupt peaceful life, and prevent them from engaging in agriculture.

This urgent message will be sent to the international bodies, stressing the need to take decisive steps to prevent the Azerbaijani firing on the villages of Armenia.

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