Armenia’s President invites authorities, opposition for consultations

As the political crisis in the country continues, President Armen Sarkissian invites the Prime Minister, the leaders of the parliamentary factions, the leaders of the Homeland Salvation Movement for a meeting at the presidential residence on March 13.

“The political crisis in the country continues, the situation remains tense, which can have unpredictable, irreversible consequences for our state.  There are many problems, their solution requires urgent systemic changes, including constitutional and legislative ones,” the President said in a statement.

“Both the government and the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary political forces have repeatedly expressed their positions. However, there is a lack of mutual understanding and a desire to meet each other. Moreover, calls for intolerance have become more frequent,” the President added.

“In the current situation, my only goal has been to keep the country from shaking, to prevent a situation that could lead to unpredictable consequences.  In the interests of the state and the people, resolving the situation is another urgent imperative demand,” the President stated.

He reaffirmed the conviction that the only way to resolve the differences is through negotiations and dialogue, “and the only way for the development of Armenia and Artsakh is the consolidation of the efforts and opportunities of all of us.”

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