Estonia’s religious leader issues address on 105th anniversary of Armenian Genocide

The spiritual leader of Estonia, Archbishop Urmas Viilma has issued a special address on the 105th anniversary of the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, Armenia’s Ambassador to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia Tigran Mkrtchyan informs.

“The Republic of Estonia has not dared to form an official position on this issue. The responsibility for deciding whether or not this issue has been vested for years between Parliament, the government and the President,” the Archbishop said in a statement.

However, he said. Estonia also has its own historical connection with this tragic event. Namely, the Baltic German Estonian missionary Anna Hedwig Büll rescued thousands of Armenian orphans during missionary work in Turkey during the genocide. Anna Büll was born in Haapsalu and a memorial plaque has been erected there by the Estonian Armenian community to thank and commemorate her. She received the nickname “Mother Büll” from the Armenians for her rescue work.

“For my part, I extend my condolences to the Armenian community in Estonia and to our Armenian partner church in the Council of Estonian Churches on the 105th anniversary of the genocide. I also hope that one day the Republic of Estonia will take up the courage and join the countries that have condemned this historic event as an act against humanity and genocide,” Archbishop Viilma added.

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