Executive Director of Armenia’s Public TV submits resignation

Executive Director of Armenia’s Public TV Company Margarita Grigoryan has submitted her resignation.

The decision follows a row between the Public TV and the Prime Minister’s Office over leaked footage.

“The publishing of footage recorded before the Prime Minister’s live address is unacceptable to me, and I’m sincerely outraged by this cheap step violating principles of partnership and ethics,” Grigoryan said in a statement.

“I’m sorry for what happened. At this crucial time for the country, at this stage of development of the Public Television, such media vandalism is unforgivable. I myself have been responsible for many public events, celebrations, and emergency measures in this period, and have shared the words of thanks and praise with my staff. Now I share the responsibility for what happened, and submit my resignation,” she added.

She thanked all media outlets operating in Armenia, NGOs, state and international organizations for the joint work, as well as for the healthy criticism of the work of the Public Television.

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