Government Approves Program of Activities and Priorities for 2018

A regular Cabinet meeting was held today, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms Vache Gabrielyan.

The Government first adopted a decision on “Approval of RA Government’s Program of Activities and Priorities for 2018.” The document reflects the priorities and activities for 2018 as specified in the five-year program of the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

The Executive adopted a set of decisions to ban the import of right-hand drive vehicles. The decisions acknowledge the right of ownership for those right-hand drive vehicles imported before the deadline of April 1, 2018. Acting owners may, at their discretion, freely exploit, register and re-register their vehicles. According to the reference note, the operation of right-hand drive vehicles in the Republic of Armenia is a threat to traffic as their drivers face limited visibility due to right-hand traffic.

RA Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies Vahan Martirosyan reported that according to police and insurance companies’ statistics, the number of accidents and injuries involving right-hand drive vehicles is respectively 28% and 39% higher than that of left-hand vehicles. The Minister pointed out that the restrictions will not apply to vehicles imported and registered by April 1, 2018.

Deputy Prime Minister Vache Gabrielyan gave the Minister a week’s time to draft a relevant bill for the Government’s consideration so that it could be submitted to the National Assembly within the shortest possible delay.

The meeting endorsed the Government’s legislative initiative on the package of draft laws to amend the RA Law “On Local Duties and Payments” and the associated legal acts, which seek to streamline the relationship arising from firework permits. The amendments specifically provide that the Council of Elders shall be the authorized entity to make decision on venues, terms and standards for holding fireworks. At the same time, administrative liability is envisaged for fireworks held without a permit or in breach of the requirements specified in the permit. Local duties will have to be paid for firework permits.

The Government approved the program of alienation of State reserves of precious metals and gemstones by the Treasury of Precious Metals and Gemstones Agency of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia for 2018-2021. As a result, the State Treasury shall possess a stock of standardized high-liquidity gold bullions that will not depreciate in value over time.

The Cabinet next voted for a decision entitled “On Approval of Park Group’s Investment Program and Tender-Free Allocation of Plot of Land.” According to the decision, Park Group shall take out a 99-year lease with construction rights on a total of 27 hectares of land adjacent to Monte Melkonyan Street in Yerevan. Under its investment program, the Company will build a USD 22 million-worth family recreation and entertainment center for children and youth.

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