Putin to run for new term as an independent candidate

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he plans to run for another term as an independent candidate, but has declared that he is counting on the broad support of political parties and ordinary citizens, Russia Today reported.

“This will be a self-proposed candidacy, but I count on support of political forces who share my views on the development of our country and who trust me personally,” Putin told a major annual press conference in Moscow on Thursday, answering a reporter’s question about his particular plans for the presidential campaign.

The president also said that his election campaign plan was practically ready, but he has not yet chosen the person who would head his election headquarters – an issue that Putin described as “technical but important.”

Russia’s President  accused opponents of his US counterpart Donald Trump of harming the US by “inventing stories” about contacts with Russia.

Vladimir Putin said contacts between the Trump team and Russian officials before last year’s election were normal.

He said the US opposition was not treating those who elected Mr Trump with respect.

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