Large-scale war unlikely, Armenia’s Defense Minister says

Armenian Defense Minister says large-scale war is unlikely, as war will not solve the Karabakh issue.

Speaking to reporters today, Vigen Sargsyan said starting large-scale military actions would be ‘insane’ on the part of Azerbaijan,”

“There has been no development that would suggest that the issue could be solved in favor of Azerbaijan,” Vigen Sargsyan said. Instead, he said, war could strike a serious blow to Azerbaijan’s economy and statehood. He did not undermine the risks for Armenia, either.

The Defense Minister did not rule out, however, that the Azerbaijani authorities could resort to different provocations.

Azerbaijan has had at least eight losses over the past ten days, Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan said, citing confirmed data. He added that the number of unconfirmed casualties could be larger.

He noted that the Azerbaijan press had not announced any of the losses.

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