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South Ossetia considers recognition of Armenian Genocide

Photo:  Sputnik

The South Ossetian Parliament will consider the issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Speaker Anatoly Bibilov told Sputnik-South Ossetia.

“We regret that South Ossetia has not recognized the Armenian Genocide until now. The issue is on the parliament agenda now, and will be put on a discussion. It’s necessary to give a proper assessment to the crime committed in the Ottoman Empire and condemn the policy of denial of genocide,” he said.

The Speaker noted that “while world powers are guided by opportunistic interests on the matter, we do not question the historic truth.” “That’s why, guided by the principle of historical justice and preservation of historical memory, it’s necessary to acknowledge the fact of atrocities in the Ottoman Empire and the mass killing of Armenians,” Bibilov said.

According to the Speaker, although the issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide is not new in South Ossetia, it has acquired a new meaning after the recent developments.

“Taking into consideration the latest downing of the Russian jet and assessing it as an act of aggression against our main strategic partner, the only adequate response to Turkey will be the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, along with a set of other steps. This step goes in line with the strategic path of development we have chosen,” the Speaker stressed.

He added that South Ossetia is not afraid of damaging ties with Turkey, as there are no relations as such. The same is true about Azerbaijan.

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