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Paraguay statement on Armenian Genocide will lead to greater recognition: Senator

In an interview with Agencia Prensa Armenia, Paraguayan Senator Desiree Masi, who presented the project of the Armenian Genocide recognition in the Congress of Paraguay, declared that “this statement of the Paraguayan Parliament will lead to greater recognition and a rescue of the historical memory.”

“There was pressure, particularly for the term ‘genocide’,” said Masi. According to Senator of the Democratic Progressive Party, “that term seems not only right, but just. It claims for all what meant the extermination of the Armenian people and the recognition of crimes against humanity, which means that at some point there must be some kind of reparation.”

“That is what we are interested also: not only recognition, which is very important, but subsequently the possibility of some kind of compensation,” added the Senator. “It is important to remember not to repeat history again. Recognizing who was the victim and who was the culprit makes you know the history.”

“The two most important parties of Paraguay were involved in the public recognition,” she added, concluding that the resolution was supported by all blocks and voted unanimously. Finally, she said that the resolution will be a recommendation for the Paraguayan Foreign Ministry, where they generally “act from a joint perspective.”

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